Typical Dimension of ANNON piezo products:
 Typical shapes include discs, rectangular plates, rods, rings, cylinders, tubes and tube segments, balls, and spherical elements.

Typical Dimensions

DiscDiameter: 2mm-120mm
RingDiameter: 4mm-120mm
CylinderDiameter: 8mm- 120mm
                   Thickness: <30mm
Rectangular bodiesLength: 3mm-176mm
                   Width: 1mm-120mm
                   Height: 0.1mm-30mm
HemisphereMaximum radius: approx. 50 mm
                   *Guideline values only. Parts with larger or smaller
                   dimensions may be produced.
     We provide piezo ceramic elements manufactured to the industry tolerance values listed here. We can prepare elements to tighter tolerances on request. Items also are available "as fired" (no OD, ID, length or width machining), when dimensional requirements are not critical.
              Please be specific when requesting parts, tolerances, or electrode patterns. Provide drawings or sketches for parts or electrode patterns, and include ID tolerance if requesting rings or cylinders (tubes). For custom electrical leads, please specify AWG and length and provide a drawing showing the desired locations.
 Standard tolerances for electrical / piezoelectric characteristics:          
frequency: ±5% (to ±0.5% on request)
capacitance: ±15%
d33 value: ±20%          
 Standard machining Tolerances :
Nominal ValueStandard Tolerance (±)
Disc/Ring/Cylinder (Tube): Outer Diameter
≥1.000" to <1.500"0.015"
≥1.500" to <2.000"0.025"
<25 mm0.25 mm
≥25 mm to <38 mm0.38 mm
≥38 mm to <50 mm0.60 mm
≥50 mm1.00 mm
Ring/Cylinder (Tube): Inner Diameter
≥0.500" to <1.000"0.020"
<6 mm0.25 mm
≥6 mm to <13 mm0.38 mm
≥13 mm to <25 mm0.50 mm
≥25 mm0.60 mm
Plate: Length or Width
≥0.500" to <1.000"0.010"
≥1.000" to <1.500"0.015"
≥1.500" to <2.000"0.025"
<13 mm0.13 mm
≥13 mm to <25 mm0.25 mm
≥25 mm to 38 mm0.38 mm
≥38 mm to <50 mm0.60 mm
≥50 mm1.00 mm
All Parts: Thickness
0.008" to <0.200"
0.20 mm to <5.00 mm0.025 mm
≥5.00 mm0.05 mm
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