ANNON Piezo Technology co.,ltd. have developed and implemented an integrated Continuous Improvement program, alongside ISO9000 systems, which drives achieved quality in ceramic component manufacture by defining and embedding world-class processes and methods.

The program ensures that state of the art manufacturing technology; Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma methodologies are used to focus on your needs, building quality into your products and delivering a faster, higher quality service.

To achieve this we use a variety of improvement tools and techniques aimed at achieving a Six Sigma Quality Level, these include:

Process capability studies

Statistical process control and data collection

Process mapping and analysis

Cycle time reduction

Defect identification and elimination

Failure and root cause analysis

Control charts and measurements

Our quality levels have continued to escalate as a direct result of this company-wide commitment to excellence. You will find ANNON Piezo Technology co.,ltd. to be a trusted resource of performance Piezo Ceramics.

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